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Accordion Hero

Play music, like a real Mexican.




Tadao Cern is a Lithuanian photographer that has created a new collection of wind-pushed portraits entitled “Blow Job”. The lighthearted series captures various random people enduing gale-force winds funneled directly at their face. The close-range images were photographed in a public photo shoot which took place during The Design Week of černiauskas’s native vilnius, Lithuania as visitors to Tadao’s studio were given the opportunity to participate in this air-blown series.
The artist says of the project, “I wanted to do something very fun for myself and the visitors, just laugh and have a good time. I was surprised that there were so many laid-back people who were not afraid to look funny! Spacious studio was bursting at the seams and everyone was crying with laughter, laughing at themselves and at each other. Everyone (and there were more than one hundred!) who dared to stand up in front of my lens…

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I’ve Hot Humans!!

It’s fatal


License Plates!

Sometimes they’re cute and shitty, sometimes they’re fucking creepy.


Unicorn poop!

And they said unicorns didn’t exist.



Asian women. Just when people begin to think they are the sturdiest of all women, they surprise us with their Ninja Skills!


Optical Illusion