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The Friendship

So now the story ends and begins in a defeat. The pettiness of all was punished by all. How tragic it was for the young boy to understand that his one true love had been swept away by the deception of change the past has promised. But yet under all the tears and stress of the world. The days of not eating and drinking. Finding himself on the side of the road after a night of reckless decisions. He has come back anew and has been set free.

But what to do with this new found freedom. What does it mean to be selfish? Mother always wanted us to give to each other and to give to the world. But how does one give what they do not have. There must be sometimes where people have to take. No, not take him back. One can not take back something that was never theirs to begin. That would be a defeat and the possible destruction of a wonderful relationship, something the young boy cannot afford to lose.

There is only one option; to burn. The boy burned with every emotion, every memory and died in that process. He burned himself to the ground, to a crisp, and has disappeared under the weight of his emotions. However, only for something else to rise from the ashes. A man, a fearless man with endless courage, and a warm heart. One that is strong and will protect what he loves, because he understands the pain of losing something so dear.

The days of the past were over for the boy, and he could not bring his lover with him into the future. He could not make him see through his eyes, through his knowledge and experience. So now he must be there for him, for he knows more pain is about to begin. He knows history will repeat and that his love will only end up heartbroken like he has been plenty of times. Although now there is not a boy waiting for the moment this happens.



Sometimes when you’re broke, and in college, you have to improvise.


Friendly Looks

The wonderful moment in college, when you are allowed to chose the person you are partnered with.